Cloud Storage Without Backdoors

Who should have access to the data you store in the cloud?

If you think "Those I choose", is the secure and privacy aware solution just right for you.

As of November 1st 2019, has launched the beta version of a brand new Cloud Storage system - a system, where only YOU hold the key to unlock your data. differentiates from other Cloud Storage solutions by not relying on trust. You don't have to trust that we guard your privacy when you store data by us. When choosing you get the opportunity to audit the source code you will be using and even compile it you self!

We give the customer full control over his own data, which is why we call it "Cloud Storage Without Backdoors"




Secured and encrypted data
Unlimited storage - Plans for any budget
Only people you choose can open your files


My name is Morten Winkler Jørgensen, and I develop the Cloud Storage Solution of the future,, which will fill a void in the Cloud Storage landscape. I have for years been looking for a Cloud Storage solution that guarantees that nobody else has access to my data. I have not yet found a provider I trust. That is why I develop, which will offer what I am looking for at a Cloud Storage provider - a guarantee for privacy and security when data are stored in the cloud and full control over who can access my data.

As Master of Computer Systems Engineering, I have been developing software since 2001 for all kind of businesses ranging from start-ups with innovative ideas over established production companies to multinational enterprises all over the world. I have, among other things, made software for automating the agricultural business, high precision farming, humanoid robots in Denmark, cell phones in Germany, visualization software in Sri Lanka, chat systems in Texas, 3D-modeling in New York and annotation software in Ireland. The development of is build on a foundation of experience from several businesses, challenges and cultures. is designed with simplicity of use and security in mind. The goal is to deliver a solution that impresses!

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All Cloud Storage Providers have leaked data...
...and we will most likely too...
...but the damage is limited, as no-one can open your files!

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