1: Download and install 

First you need to download the ComePile.it Desktop Client and install it. Depending on your operating system installation is is done in different ways.

Windows users

Doubleclick the downloaded installer and select a location for it to be installed. The installer will automatically suggest a location but you are free to choose any location you see fit. Once the installation is completed, you can launch the ComePile.it Desktop client from your start menu.

Linux users

Move the downloaded AppImage to a permanent location. You can then launch the ComePile.it Desktop client either from the console or by double clicking the AppImage via your file manager.

Mac users

2: Launch The Client

select-account.pngHaving launched the client, you will be greeted by the first time user wizard. The wizard will present you to a series of forms which you will only see the first time that you lauch the ComePile.it Desktop Client.

Select "Using an account" to proceed.

3: Provide Email and Password

provide-email-and-password.pngNext fill in the "Username" field with the email you used when you signed up. In the "password" field you fill in the password that you recieved in our welcome e-mail. 

Press "Continue" to proceed. Notice this may take a couple of seconds, so please be patient.


4: Select Folder For Your Pile

select-new-folder.pngNow select where you want your Pile stored. The Pile is what we call the files and folders that are synchronized as a part of a plan. 

You may select any folder you like to hold your Pile, but we recommend you let the ComePile.it Desktop Client create one for you by clicking "Create folder".

confirm-folder.pngConfirm you like the location of your new Pile by clicking "Yes, continue"

5: Configure Encryption

select-crypto-plugin.pngNext you need to choose how you want your Pile encrypted. There is already an encryption mechanism selected for you, namely a 256 Bit AES Encryption, and we recommend you use that.

Before you can synchronize, you need to configure the encryption by clicking on the "..."

enter-crypto-passphrase.pngClicking the "..." will bring up a dialog where you can enter a pass phrase.

The pass phrase is different from the password you entered in step 3. The password from step 3 will allow the ComePile.it Desktop Client to download your encrypted files from the servers but not read them. When downloaded, the files are un-readable due to being encrypted, and to decrypt them, the ComePile.it Desktop Client need to know the pass phrase used to encrypt and decrypt.

If you want to know more about how encryption is used in the ComePile.it Desktop Client we have an short explanation you can read.

Important: If you forget you pass phrase we are unable to help you and your data will remain encrypted and unreadable forever.  But do not worry. The ComePile.it Desktop Client stores the passPhrase for you on your machine, and you do not need to enter it everytime you start up your computer.

Click "Close" and then "Continue"

6: Enable Auto Launch

enable-autolaunch.pngNow you can select if you want the ComePile.it Desktop Client to be started automatically when you computer powers on.

We recommend you click "Enable autolaunch" to ensure your Pile is always synchronized and then proceed by clicking "Continue"

7: Complete the Setup

great-close.pngYou are now done configuring your ComePile.it Desktop Client and can close the Wizard. If you just want to close the wizard and let the ComePile.it Desktop Client run in the background, press "Great!!! Close" (1) but if you want to open your file manager and look inside you Pile, select "Great!!! Show sync folder and close" (2)

The ComePile.it Desktop Client will now run and synchronize the files and folders inside your Pile with the servers.